You Can if You Think You Can by Norman Vincent Peale

This book is not the easiest book to read, however if you take the time to read it slowly to absorb the messages, it will be one of those powerful, effective reads that you should have on your shelf.

Don’t let the age of the book put you off (this edition was published in 1994), as the advice is ageless and priceless.

Within the 303 pages of You Can If You Think You Can , Peale points out that everything you need to make your life better is inside of you. He also makes it clear that it is up to you to change you. If you’re expecting a magic cure within the pages, you will be disappointed, as you actually have to put in the effort to change.

Peale helpfully summarises the main points at the end of each chapter, making it easier for you to understand the concepts of the text and the morale of the stories.

As the book description says, ‘you can handle whatever life throws at you – and handle it well’ and this is the main message within. It points out that it is always too soon to quit. Everyone has problems, but this book will give you hope (along with practical strategies) to face the future with confidence.

It shows you how to develop self-trust and motivation, how to build calmness and how to recognise problems as challenges. It gives you the skills to enable you to tap into your inner reserves and live your life to the full.

You Can If You Think You Can is one of those books you have to reread every 6-12 months to ensure you continue to reinforce and reprogramme your thought patterns. At the very least, this is one of the reasons why you should have your own copy of this book.


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  1. Hi Sarah
    I read this years ago – and found it very easy to follow (loaned from library) – then came across it in a charity shop so bought it and read it again and again – also have a few others of his. Appparently used to travel all over America – wish I could have heard him speak …

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