Do Not Let Your Anxieties Overcome Your Self-Confidence

People who want to improve their self esteem and self confidence may find their anxieties hold them back in their self improvement efforts.  Here are a few tips to help you manage your fears, anxieties and improve your self esteem.

Practice Makes Perfect
Whether dealing with your anxieties or your self confidence – practice makes perfect.  Practice also goes hand-in-hand with patience and persistence. Practice will make you better at the task in hand which, in turn will make your confidence increase.  Whilst practicing, you will also need patience and persistence, as it is highly unlikely that you will achieve perfection on your first attempt.  This also applies to your anxieties; you will not drop your fears and worries at your first try – it will take several attempts.  The main thing to remember is, with each attempt your confidence will rise, whilst your anxieties will diminish.

Any fear or anxiety related problem you experience will give you a new learning experience.  You will learn what does and doesn’t work, along with what you need to change or improve to manage the fear or anxiety.   Next time you are in a similar fearful or anxious situation, you can then remind yourself what you learn in the previous situation.  This will increase your confidence in being able to manage the situation next time.

Your Mind is A Powerful Tool
Sometimes you cannot be in a position to practice beforehand.  Maybe you are taking part in a contest or team sport game etc.  At times like this, you need to remember how powerful an ally your mind can be.  You see, your mind cannot tell the difference between what has really happened and what is vividly visualized.  This is great news in regards to a situation like this.

Get somewhere comfortable and visualize yourself completing the event or task in your mind.  Imagine playing the perfect game, hearing the audience cheering, imagine how confident and brilliant you are.  Put as much colour in as possible and use all your senses – for example, you could actually curl your hand around the ball as you catch it. 

If you do this several times before the event, your fears and anxieties will be reduced and your self confidence will increase. This will work for any future situation or event you may have in the future.

Be Grateful
Take time to make a list of everything you have that you are grateful or thankful for. It doesn’t matter how big or small the thing is – write it on your list.  When you are next feeling down, take out your list and read everything you have listed on it.  Take time to feel grateful for everything on your list.  Also, remember to add to your list regularly.

If you have trouble with your self confidence, self esteem or anxieties and can do with extra help, talk to a professional who can help you manage your fears and anxieties and increase your confidence and esteem.  Sometimes it is good to get another persons’ input – they can cast new insight and views that can be hugely beneficial to your current issue or problem.

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