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30 simple things, that will make a change to you & your life

make a changeOne thing we can all agree on is change can be uncomfortable – especially when we’re talking about changing ourselves and our life. We may want to improve our confidence, create a better environment or even change our limiting thoughts and habits, but just the thought of it can leave us feeling like we’re about to climb the biggest of mountains! Read More

Choosing your adventure

story adventureAs the title of this website beautifully indicates, the story you tell yourself about your current life, actually creates the life you currently have. It then follows suit, if you want to change your life or create a new adventure, you need to change your story.

So how can you change your story?

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One step to get past procrastination, overwhelm and perfection


We have all suffered from procrastination and overwhelm at some stage – and I’m no different. When it comes to putting stuff ‘out there’, I am a bit of a perfectionist. Whether it’s a blog post or course I’m creating, or living my ideal lifestyle and completing exercise – I want it to be perfect.

Procrastination and overwhelm

We often get overwhelmed because we put too much pressure on ourselves. Procrastination is the same. And often, this is down to us wanting something to be ‘perfect’. Read More

How to get out of your own way and reach your desired end goals

get out of your own wayDo you have a vision of your ideal life? Maybe you want to change your job or start working for yourself? It could be that you want to move home or move countries? You may have decided you need a quieter, calmer lifestyle? How about you personally? Do you have a desire to change your behaviour or habits in some way? Want to become more confident or outgoing? Where you currently are can directly influence your views on making those desires achievable. Read More