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The Superpowers within you and I

superpowersI’m betting there isn’t anyone amongst those of you reading this post, that hasn’t watched a Marvel or DC Comic’s film and wished they had superpowers. I’m here to tell you that your wishes have come true. You see, I know I have the superpowers and, in fact, you have them too – if you just realised that truth.

So what superpowers am I talking about, that we all have? Read More

The art of gratitude & how to implement it in your life

gratitudeGratitude, it’s something we all like to think we have. We like to think we’re always grateful for things in our lives, we like to think we practice gratitude on a daily basis and, if we don’t, we aim to make this our goal – and it’s relatively easy, as long as our energy is high and our focus is on the positive.

But what shows true strength of character, is being grateful when all around you, life isn’t going the way you want, your energy is low and your focus in on the negative. It can be hard to be grateful, when you feel your life is failing and you’ve hit rock bottom. Read More

The words you use – are you whispering sweet nothings or talking trash?

the words you useLast week we looked at attraction and how our thoughts, feelings and beliefs influence us and our life circumstances (if you haven’t read it, you can do so by clicking here). One of the big takeaways from that post was how important words are.

The words we use in everyday life have a huge impact on what we attract, how we feel about ourselves and others, as well shaping the beliefs we have, so are you whispering sweet nothings in your ear and those of others – or are you drip-feeding yourself and others poison? Read More

You’re attracting continuously – like it or not

what are you attractingAttraction, it’s a word we often link as a feeling between us and someone else. We’re either attracted to them or we’re not. But attraction is something we do on a continuous basis – and it’s not just about people that we’re attracting.

We’re continuously attracting, in every minute of every day, with our thoughts and our energy. But the real kicker, when it comes to attraction, is that we attract both good AND bad, the positive AND negative things to us. Read More