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It struck me recently that this site is severely lacking in the image department. To help improve this I’ve decided to add a section for inspirational images.

These images can be classically inspirational (like pictures with quotes), a funny image, or any image that may be generally uplifting or thought provoking.

Image 1 – Uplifting!

To start the ball rolling, I think it would be good to start with a funny, yet uplifting image that I found on Facebook –

This image may look quite cute – but it really does have an important message at heart. Life can get tough; things can happen that we feel we have no control of – and sometimes we can all feel that we just want to crawl into the nearest hole and only emerge once the pain or upset is out of the way. There may be times when you feel you just aren’t strong enough to carry on – but (as the image states) the only thing you need to remember is to pick yourself up and carry on…