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Are you a perpetual student of all things self-help?

studentAre you a perpetual student for everything self-help related? Are you constantly learning something new, reading a new book or attending a great new course? That’s great – learning all of this stuff will give you so much knowledge and attending all those events will get you interacting with lots of likeminded people…

But are you actually implementing anything you’ve learnt?

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Inspirational rock stars & the questions we’d ask

inspirational rock starThere’s no shortage of inspirational people around us. The problem most of us have is finding an inspirational person who matches our values and beliefs, enough to inspire us into action.

I’m currently following Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge and, the theme for Day 6 was to write about two people who inspire me, why they do and what one question would I ask them – and I’ll admit, I struggled. I find a lot of people inspiring AND I have oh so many questions!

But I guess, if I had to narrow it down, I’d go with two women who embody everything I want – in terms of lifestyle and character. Read More