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Why challenge yourself?

challenge yourselfHave you ever challenged yourself? Pushed yourself out of your comfort zone to reach just a little bit further than you already were? Did you ever want something, but didn’t push yourself towards achieving it? Challenging yourself can be hard. It can be difficult, uncomfortable and scary – so why do it?

Why I challenged myself

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Success plans and procrastination gremlins

success gremlinAs part of my ongoing desire to create my ideal lifestyle, I recently type out (and laminated!) ritual checklists for my mornings and afternoons. The idea was to create new habits around how I work and, whilst one is working great, the other one isn’t. Why? Well, in my desire to create a window of time large enough to not feel ‘trapped’ or tied down to a schedule, I inadvertently created a space for my procrastination gremlin – and the only way I can boot him out is to create a new daily success plan for my afternoons. Read More

How to get out of your own way and reach your desired end goals

get out of your own wayDo you have a vision of your ideal life? Maybe you want to change your job or start working for yourself? It could be that you want to move home or move countries? You may have decided you need a quieter, calmer lifestyle? How about you personally? Do you have a desire to change your behaviour or habits in some way? Want to become more confident or outgoing? Where you currently are can directly influence your views on making those desires achievable. Read More

A morning ritual – your key to creating your perfect day

morning ritualDo you have a morning ritual or do you spend your mornings winging it or running on autopilot? How’s that working for you? For a long time, I was one of those people who hated mornings, but I’ve subsequently realised how important morning rituals are – and they ARE crucial, if you want to start creating your perfect day.

In order to illustrate how important a morning ritual is, let me take you through my morning ritual and my perfect day. Read More