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Are your Past Mistakes Still Holding You Back?

past mistakesPast mistakes can have a nasty habit of holding you back from what you want and the problem is, you probably don’t always know it’s happening. The thoughts and emotions that have been attached to those events, get linked to today’s experiences – leaving us in a state of fear, panic and at worst, depression. We then end up running on autopilot; where each and every day seems like it’s we’re going through the motions. It feels like you’re flat, lost, and drained and unable to motivate yourself to take steps to move forward. Read More

Why challenge yourself?

challenge yourselfHave you ever challenged yourself? Pushed yourself out of your comfort zone to reach just a little bit further than you already were? Did you ever want something, but didn’t push yourself towards achieving it? Challenging yourself can be hard. It can be difficult, uncomfortable and scary – so why do it?

Why I challenged myself

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5 behaviours that keep us stuck

behaviours that keep us stuckIn our quests for better lives, improved confidence or happier relationships, we all desire to move forward. We have these goals in mind and we’ll do whatever is needed, in order to reach them. However, there are also certain behaviours we may be guilty of using, that actually keep us stuck – and we tend to have a real hard job being honest with ourselves over them.

Being honest over our use of them is the key to moving forward. We need to acknowledge both the behaviour and our reasons for its use – and in the vast majority of cases, there’s at least one hidden benefit we’re getting from it. It’s these hidden benefits that are keeping us stuck in situations, lifestyles and particular relationships, we’d otherwise rather not have.

So what are the five behaviours that keep us stuck? Read More