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Why you need to understand the hierarchy of emotions

ladder of emotionsDid you know, there’s a hierarchy or ladder of emotions for us to explore, based on their unique vibrations? As originally discussed by Gerry and Esther Hicks in their connected conversations with Abraham, this emotional scale of emotions includes every emotion – starting with the lowest (such as fear, grief, depression and powerlessness) right through to the highest (joy, appreciation, freedom and love).

Our daily emotional focus

As we go through daily life, our focus is primarily to feel as many of those positive, high vibration emotions as possible – and avoid as many negative, low vibration ones. Read More

The roles we play and how they can weigh heavy on our mind

rolesWe all have a collection of different roles we play over the years. Women in particular, can take on so many different personas during their life, it becomes easy to lose sight of who they are, at their core. These roles can also dictate how we act and behave, even if we don’t necessarily agree with the ‘rules’ – leaving them to weigh heavily on our mind. But what are these roles and how can you stop them weighing you down?

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Are your Past Mistakes Still Holding You Back?

past mistakesPast mistakes can have a nasty habit of holding you back from what you want and the problem is, you probably don’t always know it’s happening. The thoughts and emotions that have been attached to those events, get linked to today’s experiences – leaving us in a state of fear, panic and at worst, depression. We then end up running on autopilot; where each and every day seems like it’s we’re going through the motions. It feels like you’re flat, lost, and drained and unable to motivate yourself to take steps to move forward. Read More