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How you look isn’t the be-all answer to low confidence!

confidenceAfter successfully joining some social media groups on confidence, I felt the need to share an important message with you all, about self-confidence, confidence and self-esteem. That message? Whether you’re young, middle-aged or old, skinny, slim, super-curvy or anything in between – being confident and having self-confidence isn’t about make-up and hair.

Confidence ISN’T about how much or how well you apply your make-up,

Confidence ISN’T about how long, short, coloured or natural your hair is. Read More

Do you believe in yourself?

believe in yourselfThere’s a lot of advice out there (and on this site!) about the steps you need to take, in order to move yourself forward and become the person you want to be, as well as what you need to do, to create the life you wish to live. However, there is one major thing that will ramp up – or knock back – all your efforts.

What is that thing? It’s whether you believe in yourself or not.

If you believe in yourself, you’ll achieve everything you set out to attain. If you don’t – you won’t. Read More

Your Truth Will Set You Free

truthThis is the phrase that’s been going around in my head today. I’m not sure why and I’m not sure who’s whispering it to me, but it needs to be our compass point, in our quest to own our story and our life.

Truth is a funny thing. We demand it of everyone around us, and I’m sure we all say we’re honest and truthful people, but is that the real truth – or something we like to believe about ourselves in an ‘ideal world’?

Especially as the number one person we tend to lie to the most… is ourselves. Read More

The Superpowers within you and I

superpowersI’m betting there isn’t anyone amongst those of you reading this post, that hasn’t watched a Marvel or DC Comic’s film and wished they had superpowers. I’m here to tell you that your wishes have come true. You see, I know I have the superpowers and, in fact, you have them too – if you just realised that truth.

So what superpowers am I talking about, that we all have? Read More