Sarah PJ White - Author and founder of Your Story-Your Life
Sarah PJ White – Author and founder of Your Story-Your Life

Hi, I’m Sarah,

I’m a story changer, life maker & soul connector.

What do I do?

I help women like you to wake up to their awesomeness. To love who you are and to understand that you are the creator AND hero of your own life story.

Once you fully understand that, you can finally put your past to rest. You can become a fully connected, intuitive and loved person AND manifest and live the life you desire.

You’re a survivor who understands how strong you’ve had to be, to get to this point in your life. You’ve achieved so much already – but still feel only partially satisfied, and you know there’s so much more potential bubbling under the surface.

You’re also objective enough to know there’s still some residual crap from your past that still needs shifting, in order for that to happen.

You’re dedicated and motivated to making a difference – both to your own life and those of others – even if you don’t quite know yet, what you can actually do yourself. You’re ready to take ownership of your life, your emotions, your story and your future – to trust yourself and connect back in with your soul and your inner core.

You know you don’t yet have all the answers, hell, you may even be a little scared, but you’re willing to get stuck in and find them – to stop running and start being totally and entirely YOU – in all your magnificent power, strength and magnificence.

I know how it feels…

The reason this is so important to me is because I know how it feels.

I know how it feels to have lost that connection with myself.

I survived trauma, abuse and emotional pain, to then have to battle my way through life – a life I felt I had no control over or say in. I was so tired of being a ‘survivor’, I ended up buried at the bottom of that dark pit of depression, somewhere I didn’t know if I had the strength to lift my head, let alone pull myself out.

It took so much hard work, dedication and commitment, to release the stranglehold my past had on me. I know how difficult it was for me to keep going when I thought I had no more strength to take another step.

But I had my daughter. And I was damned if I was going to let her repeat the same patterns I had. Hell, I was NOT going to let her repeat the same patterns the women in my family had been enduring and repeating for generations.

And I was damned if she was going to grow up thinking she was somehow inferior to those around her or feeling she had to go elsewhere to find a suitable role model to follow.

I hadn’t gone through the shit I’d gone through, to come out no wiser, no stronger and with no clue as to how to change it for the better.

And I sure as hell was going to do everything in my power to be the role model she deserved…

… and the role model I deserved.

I know how it feels to have a burning desire to make a difference, for yourself and those around you, but you don’t know how.

But I was f#@ked if that was going to stop me trying.

So now I AM a role model. I’m her, that strong, capable and inspiring woman within – and this leads me to…

My Mission

I helped my daughter to find and become her own role model, and I want to help you become the woman I know you can be – the woman YOU know you can be.

I want you to shine from the inside out, confidently, powerfully and authentically.

Hell, I want to help ALL women find the ‘her’ that’s buried and dimmed inside them and let her lose and turn up that brightness to full max!

I’m emotional and heart-based…

And that’s a strong, good thing for me, as it allows me to connect on an emotional level with others and their needs. Emotions are good, they’re our inner guidance system – and I’ll never apologise for being too emotional.

Call me an empath if you like. Roughly translated it means I get excited, engaged, inquisitive, happy and yeah… sometimes I’ll get sad and/or cry – usually at sad movies, happy endings, when the hero gets the girl etc. (I’ve been known to mute the sound or leave the room to ‘get a drink’, so I don’t start blubbing…)

I love learning…

I love learning new things and reading inspirational books – and I’m guessing we share this in common. This means I have an ever-expanding knowledge base, and wide selection of tools that I can use with my clients – meaning a tailor-made solution for their needs.

I love talking…

It’s how I process my ideas, thoughts and feelings. This is a good thing, honest (although others may not always agree)! It means my brain is working just as hard as my mouth and, being female, it means I can multi-task – so I’m just as great at listening and processing it all at the same time…

What does this mean for you?

Bottom line?

It means I’ll always be honest with you and I’ll always tell it as it is, starting now.

Our journey together won’t always be easy. Hell, sometimes it will be comfort-zone-stretching uncomfortable and downright emotional – but it WILL be totally worth it.

The methods I use are a little different to what other people seem to use. But I find that a certain kind of woman – who has tried the “usual fixes” – reacts especially well to something a little different.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in exploring more, you can head over to watch my free video, where I explain everything in a little more detail. It’s completely free. Don’t forget to leave a comment once you’ve watched it, to tell me what you think!

The Official Stuff

  • Qualified as a life coach (LCH Dip.) and EFT Practitioner in 2007
  • Qualified as a Reiki practitioner in 2009 and a Reiki trainer in 2016
  • Set up Self Confidence Workshops in 2008 – and this has now morphed into the website you’re on today
  • Had over 130 articles published online – including many self-help related articles…
  • Written 503 blog posts for clients SO FAR – including many self-help related articles (and this increases each week!) …
  • Published author of 2 non-fiction books and 1 fiction book
  • Had a NUMBER ONE best-selling book on Amazon (in the ‘self-esteem’ and ‘personal transformation’ categories) … and it’s had over 15,000 downloads!