16 Weeks to Confidently Write & Own Your Life Story

I know you're feeling that something is missing from your life. You feel unfulfilled, lost and uncertain of yourself and your future.

You’ve already dug deep and overcome the worst of your difficult, unsettled and unhappy past, to get to where you now are. Your life story made you who you are, so you’re proud of how far you’ve come – you have your family, your own business and you’re helping others – but you know you can still be so much more.

You know your story could inspire and motivate others – and may even be a useful tool for your business – if only you could stop feeling quite so emotionally attached to it. Those feelings of guilt, remorse, anger, sadness and embarrassment hold you back and, as a spiritual person, you know it’s not good to hang onto them - but you just can’t seem to get rid of those last residual crappy bits, and live your full potential.

You’re an avid reader of self-help and self-development books, you’ve studied alternative therapies and may even have your own business, helping and healing others – but nothing is quite hitting the spot. You’re still feeling that your past story is holding you back – and it’s affecting your confidence and motivation, not to mention your relationships with family and friends, as well as your future business dreams…