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Your Truth Will Set You Free

truthThis is the phrase that’s been going around in my head today. I’m not sure why and I’m not sure who’s whispering it to me, but it needs to be our compass point, in our quest to own our story and our life.

Truth is a funny thing. We demand it of everyone around us, and I’m sure we all say we’re honest and truthful people, but is that the real truth – or something we like to believe about ourselves in an ‘ideal world’?

Especially as the number one person we tend to lie to the most… is ourselves. Read More

Are you a perpetual student of all things self-help?

studentAre you a perpetual student for everything self-help related? Are you constantly learning something new, reading a new book or attending a great new course? That’s great – learning all of this stuff will give you so much knowledge and attending all those events will get you interacting with lots of likeminded people…

But are you actually implementing anything you’ve learnt?

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Why challenge yourself?

challenge yourselfHave you ever challenged yourself? Pushed yourself out of your comfort zone to reach just a little bit further than you already were? Did you ever want something, but didn’t push yourself towards achieving it? Challenging yourself can be hard. It can be difficult, uncomfortable and scary – so why do it?

Why I challenged myself

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